How to get rid of birds nesting in eaves?

Having a nest in eaves will be an unpleasant experience. People who are facing the same situation and want to get rid of them they can follow the given tips:

Clean the eaves

If you want to get rid of birds, then it is important to remove their nest. But there are some conditions that are necessary to follow like you cannot remove their nest if they contain egg or young babies. You have to wait until the babies did not get able to fly. Once they have left the nest, you can remove them and wash them with a hose. Climb up on eave to check out the hole that becomes an entry or living point for the birds. Seal the holes properly. If you find another place in which birds are trying to make the nest remove it.

Type of birds you may find on the eave

You may find the following birds on your eave that are mostly like to make the nest. The most common birds are:
Clear debris

If you do not want to see the birds within your home that make sure there are no rabbis around your house. Remove all the primary attractants that can be a reason to attract them in your home. They usually use the rubbish to make their nest, once they have seen them on the next step they are going to search a place to make their nest and most probably it will be your eave. Removal of rubbish is important because it not only attracts the birds, but it can also attract the other pests.

Prevent birds perching on roof and guttering

Once you have removed the bird's nest and remove all the entry points like the hole and crakes now, it’s time to take action that can stop birds from landing on your roof. Spikes are commonly used to repel the birds. Having spikes on the roof may sound scary, but it is one of the best ways to prevent the birds from landing. You can use thin metal if you scare these spikes may make your house like a warzone.

Attach netting

Use of net will prevent the birds from landing into your house. Use the netting around the open gapes and places that can be a welcome point for birds. Once they have migrated to another place, you can remove this netting.

Hang shiny objects

Use of shiny objects like CDs is the best way to discourage the birds. You can also use a mirror to distract them. The birds feel scared of the flashlight. Attach them in hanging position.

Use of sticky products

If you did not like the idea of netting or shiny objects, then you can try the sticky products. Use these sticky products on the roof or near to their landing places. They do not like to land of sticky places; it makes them uncomfortable. Reuse the product on need.

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